Where do you turn for health information? Who can you trust? Anyone can write a book or an article in a magazine but who is checking what they say?

While it isn’t perfect, peer reviewed scientific research is still the gold standard to read for new information. But who has time to sift through all that scientific mumbo jumbo? I do, that’s who! And I’ll break it down to understandable terms and practical information you can use to achieve real health.

Unlike most sites that deal with natural health you won’t find any doom and gloom here. If I can make you laugh while teaching you how to be healthy then I’ve done my job.

So dig in to some of the articles have a laugh, and maybe you’ll even learn something that you can use to stay healthy.

Take advantage of my nerdiness and happy reading!

Hike to health!

Hike to health!

Scott Szela D.C.

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